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Image by João Rafael


Small Saint Saviors: LifeVac Edition by Secret Saints Corporation is our 2023 initative protecting the children of our community.

With a goal to provide 119 of our schools with LifeVac, life saving device used during a choking crisis, we are thrilled to announce that Secret Saints Corporation exceeded this goal and will distribute 238 LifeVacs to  Elementary and Pre-K schools and several daycare/childcare facilities in our community and it's surrounding counties within the next couple of months!

Not only does the success of this campaign bring peace of mind and a means to protect our children, this campaign reinstates our belief that our community can unite and do great things! 

Roma and I both have young children and strongly believe in the need for these anywhere children are. Just as epi-pens and AED defibrillators are provided as life saving necessities; we are unsure why these are not required as a life saving choking device. This initiative is in the works and is why we are asking for your help, along with the struggle of funding startup costs for non-profit corporations. With your resources and community involvement, together we could make an incredible difference and possibly save a child's life.

Thank you, Savannah!

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